BCI Refrigeration provides Supermarket refrigeration installation , design services and equipment sales. Our team has worked on projects all over the south east. We have a variety of clients from Walmart and Target to Whole Foods and Fresh Market. With over 30 years of experience our staff has proven to provide excellent service.

Refrigeration Installation- BCI Refrigeration will receive store equipment, set cases, erect walk In coolers, Set condensing units , condensers or Refrigeration racks, run refrigeration and drain lines, start up systems, erect store shelving, set and install deli/kitchen equipment, hang exhaust hoods, provide electrical final connections.

Supermarket Design-Our design team will meet with you and design a store to what your vision of a supermarket will be. We will work with your Architect or recommend one to you we’ve worked with before. BCI Refrigeration can provide store lay out sheet, plumbing , electrical and refrigeration sheets as they pertain to the equipment we will provide.

Equipment Sales- BCI Refrigeration represents Hill Phoenix in the state of Alabama. Hill Phoenix is the leader in refrigeration display and refrigeration systems. We also sell many other equipment items to the supermarket industry: Cooking equipment, Bakery equipment, Meat and Produce equipment, Warehouse and Store shelving, Check Stands, Ice Machines and store décor.

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